MSG2Email ( AD Version)

You get to the office and realize that you forgot your phone at home.
If your phone get a message,the phone will send you an e-mail.
You can get notification messages. ( SKYPE, LINE, FACEBOOK, QQ, WeChat, WhatsApp , Viber )
If your phone is stolen, you can get the location of GPS, IMEI and IMSI.

Key Features:
.Phone calls (incoming or outgoing)
.SMS (when you receive or send SMS)
.Notification Messages ( shown in notifications bar)
.GPS Location (links to Google maps)
.Get the IMEI, IMSI ,GPS location (When the SIM card is replaced)
The settings of your email is safe. All data is encrypted. No Root.

1.The application should be installed in the internal storage.
2.To enable the accessibility.
3.If you install Swype on your phone, please update to the latest version.
4.Additional charges may apply depending on your Internet provider or mobile carrier .
5.It's illegal to monitor someone else's phone, and may be against the law.
Any use of the APP must be in accordance with local laws.

This APP uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information in order to improve its performance and fix bugs .We don't store any personally identifiable information.

AD Version .

The advertising is random.

Please email me if you found some problems with using it or you have suggestions how to improve it.